I A N  K  G I L L E T T  F I S T D,  M N A D T A​,  P r o  D V I D A  E x a m i n e r

P r o f e s s i o n a l  D a n c e r





Ian coaches singles and couples from beginner to advanced competitive level in both International Standard and American Style Smooth. Known for his in-depth analysis of technique, Ian  emphasizes musicality and quality of movement He also specializes in choreography and is known for his unique creativty within strict syllabus levels.


As the dance community adjusts to a new reality, Ian is available for virtual coaching sessions anywhwere.


Virtual Coaching


Ian has been successfully coaching students remotely via Zoom or Facetime.  Private lessons are availabe as either 30 or 45 minute sessions. For more information, please complete the online contact form. 


Virtual Theory Coaching & Examinations


Are you a Pro interested in certification? Now is an ideal opportunity to work towards your dance degree(s) or studying for a higher level. Ian has many years of experience coaching candidates for their degrees with the ISTD or DVIDA. 


As an examiner for DVIDA, Ian is also able to conduct online exmainations via Zoom or Facetime.







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